Second Saturday Secret Strip Club/Mystery Fat 1/4 Frenzy

Second Saturday Secret Strip Club/ soon to be Mystery Fat 1/4 Frenzy
I just taught my last SSS Strip Club.  For the last 12 months I had an hour long lecture/demo class in which all the quilts were made with 2 1/2" strips.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  My son was the "Bouncer" a couple of months.  The best part of that was embarrassing him.  Thanks ladies for helping with that.

I'm starting a new series next month on Oct 14th called Mystery Fat 1/4 Frenzy. You guessed it, these quilts are made with Fat 1/4's.  Call to get signed up.  Class is only $5, you get the pattern when you walk into class.  You can purchase the kit before class for 25% off.  The day of the class it's 15% off and if any are left they'll be regular price.

Here's a link to our Newsletter with info on all of our classes.  The Strip Club/Mystery Fat 1/4 Frenzy description is on page 15.

I hope to see you on Oct 14th or soone…

New Website and Blog

Welcome to our new blog and our new website!   Watch for more post in the near future.